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If you are driving to the Goldfields, depending on where you are driving from, there are a number of drive experiences that make ideal companion drives to the Golden Quest Discovery Trail:

Map of the Golden Quest trail also showing the Freen Trail Great Western Woodlands itinerary

Leonora Loop Trails

Created as ‘extension’ self-drive trails to complement the Golden Quest Discovery Trail, the Leonora Loop Trails comprise two drives, one via Mertondale and ‘The Terraces’ to Darlot; the other to Agnew and Leinster via the old mining settlement of Lawlers.

A day for each drive is recommended, and your choice of drive will depend on whether you’re approaching the region from the north or south.

Each trail has 15 interpretive sites (stopping places), spaced roughly 15-30kms apart. At each of these locations you will find an interpretive panel and, somewhere nearby, a figure, a ‘ghost’ from the past or a creature from the present, waiting to share a story with you…

Leonora Loop Trails - rustyLet these rusty steel story-tellers introduce you to the people and the places and to the pests and the perfectly natural – but you will need to go out and find them first! At each stopping place along both Loops someone (or something!) is waiting to tell you their story – go and explore, see who and what you can discover, and learn about the lives and landscapes of this remarkable region.



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