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The Golden Quest Discovery Trail Guidebook

The Guidebook, your official guide to the Golden Quest Discovery Trail is developed to enhance your Trail adventure. The second edition has been significantly re-worked to allow for developments in on-line and other electronic communications.

The Guidebook has been designed for download and can be purchased as an ebook. This will allow travellers to download the Guidebook on to their mobile device and use as an interactive trail guide.

Indeed, given the many technological advances since 2003, much of the general information related to preparing for your Golden Quest adventure can now be found on this website. This allows for regular on-line updates and eliminates the risk of the publication containing out-dated information that could adversely affect your visitor experience. So, in planning your Golden Quest adventure, we strongly recommend that you spend some time on-line, particularly reviewing the information on weather, road conditions and safety, and amenities and services available along the way, including fuel outlets, accommodation and mobile phone coverage.

The Guidebook details the 25 official sites, or stopping points, that punctuate the 965km trail. For each site, there is the following sequence of pages.

A page of Trail Notes describing the road journey as you approach each site. These ‘between sites’ pages provide distances, estimated travel times and details of what to watch for along the way.

A page or pages containing a Feature Story that is relevant to the site you are approaching or the country though which the trail is passing. While intended to be read during the journey, they can be read at leisure.

A page or pages dealing directly with the site itself. The Site Pages provide details of the stopping point, what’s at the site and how much time to allow. There is a variety of historical and other information related to the site, and in most instances a set of Fast Facts and/or an Eyewitness account. If the site is a town, there is a map showing the stopping point. At each of the stopping points along the way there are information panels.

In addition, there are four sectional Trail Maps, each detailing a particular section of the trail journey. A complete trail map is located at the back of the guide.

The collection of Big Picture Stories deals more generally with subjects or themes that pertain to the region as a whole, and are designed to be read at leisure.

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