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If you are driving to the Goldfields, depending on where you are driving from, there are a number of drive experiences that make ideal companion drives to the Golden Quest Discovery Trail:

Map of the Golden Quest trail also showing the Freen Trail Great Western Woodlands itinerary

Green Trail/ Great Western Woodlands

Linking in with the Golden Quest Discovery Trail, The Green Trail and Great Western Woodlands highlights sites in the Coolgardie bioregion with outstanding Environmental, Historical and Cultural values.

At each of the Green Trail sites you will discover different landscapes, become aware of unique flora and fauna and learn about ancient aboriginal culture and European practices of the area.

The Coolgardie bioregion is a significant part of the Great Western Woodlands.

The Coolgardie bioregion is a significant part of the Great Western Woodlands – a region that spans almost 16 million hectares, extending from Kalgoorlie in the north to Salmon Gums in the south, and from the wheatbelt in the west to the Nullarbor Plain in the east.

The Great Western Woodlands is internationally significant with respect to its natural values, having been recognised as the largest and most intact temperate (or semi-arid) woodland remaining on the planet!

The forever changing colour, diversity and beauty of this amazing landscape will truly captivate you and so too will the extraordinary nature of the Great Western Woodlands.

The dramatic age of this region is hard to comprehend but easy to feel. When gazing on one of the many massive salt lakes found here you may notice the river-like shape. These vast and beautiful salt lakes are ancient river beds which once were bordered by lush rainforest.

Western Australians are proud to be the custodians of this unique region.


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Coolgardie bioregion © Lynn Webb
Thunderstorms approaching © DMR Photography
Greater Western Woodlands © Lynn Webb
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