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Golden Questers – Alex Garner

Published 18th November 2020 Author: Category: Golden Questers, Special Guest Posts

Since its launch in 2003, tens of thousands of adventurers have embarked upon the Golden Quest Discovery Trail, making it one of Australia’s most popular self-drive trails.

With so much to do and to explore, we asked some ‘Golden Questers’ about the highlights and tips for fellow travellers. Alex Garner of Intents Offroad shares his experience of the trail.


How long did it take you to complete the trail and how much time do you recommend allowing?

Our convoy of four vehicles took five days on the trail, and I would certainly recommend no less. One of our shortest days was 172 kilometres in 7 hours, and that’s only because we spent so much time stopping to explore the history. There’s just so much to see and do! It’s easy to spend half a day at Gwalia, and we camped two nights at Lake Ballard with the Gormley sculptures where the atmosphere is incredible.


What was your favourite overnight stop off point?

Choosing a favourite overnight stop of point is quite difficult for me as they all hold fond memories. Lake Ballard would have to come in first where we spent a couple of days. Take the time to stop and absorb your surroundings here and the magic is soon revealed. Every minute by the salt lake is different. The changing colours from sunrise to sunset, the moving shadows throughout the day – and watching the sculptures appear to morph with the moving shadows. It’s quite the moving experience.


Do you have any tips for other travellers?

Allow a little extra time if you can, you’ll want to come back (as I have done many times). There is so much history to be explored out here, and a lot of companion drives you can tie in with your Golden Quest experience. Secondly, be prepared with plenty of food and water for the road. The trail passes through some remote areas where you may not see another vehicle for a couple of hours at least.

The road into the campground at Rowles Lagoon. Image: Alex Garner


Cooking up a feed of ribs over the fire in the Western Australian goldfields. Image: Alex Garner


Camping at Malcolm Dam near Leonora, Western Australia. Image: Alex Garner


The view from atop a hill in the middle of Lake Ballard overlooking the Gormley sculptures. Image: Alex Garner

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