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The Golden Quest Discovery Trail guidebook provides travellers with an historical account of life in the goldfields. We are delighted to provide the following excerpt for your enjoyment.

Mulline – Ghost Town – near Site 21 Ularring Soak on the Golden Quest Discovery Trail

Published 13th October 2016 Author: Category: Special Guest Posts

Mulline – Ghost Town

Mulline was the most important town in the Ularring district. This was after the Government erected the State Battery there in 1899. It crushed ore from nearly 100 claims, mostly worked by their owners.

Mulline Main Street

Mulline Main Street

In 1910 there were two hotels at Mulline. One was owned by Jack Dore and the other by an unnamed widow.Mulline was also the main centre for the miners at the Ularring group of mines and the Riverina leases to the north,

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