Since its launch in 2003, tens of thousands of adventurers from all parts of the globe have embarked upon the Golden Quest Trail. The Trail provides a rewarding exploration of a region that has contributed significantly to the fortunes of Australia as a nation. Indeed, Western Australia’s Goldfields is a region of surprisingly diverse landscapes, of remarkably rich history and heritage, and of memorable experiences for the contemporary traveller.

On behalf of the Board of the Goldfields Tourism Network, welcome to our territory. It’s no longer an actual ‘wild west’ frontier but it remains a vibrant force in furthering our nation’s well-being.



If you are driving to the Goldfields, depending on where you are driving from, there are a number of drive experiences that make ideal companion drives to the Golden Quest Discovery Trail:



We are delighted to bring you Trail Tales, our ‘What’s Happening’ on the Trail. We will be constantly updating the information on these pages, so make sure you keep updated with posts from our guest travellers, events and famils, and with some enticers from the Guidebook.

  • Credo Homestead

    Published 29th July 2015

    Credo Homestead, on the Golden Quest Discovery Trail, is a former pastoral station and is now a Conservation Reserve which was purchased as water catchment for Rowles Lagoon, site 23 on the trail.

    See the history of Credo Station in the updated onl… Read More

    Credo Station Homestead
  • Not Just a Presidents Wife – Lou Henry Hoover

    Published 29th July 2015 Lou Henry Hoover in Kalgoorlie 1902

    Lou Henry Hoover was the wife of Herbert Clark Hoover, the 31st president of the United States of America. There has been a great deal written about … Read More

  • Hooshtah! The Afghans and their camels

    Published 29th July 2015

    Between 1860 and the early 1920’s, it’s estimated that some 2,000 Muslim camel-drivers were plying their trade within Australia’s vast interior. Having inherited centuries of experience in their homelands, they were expert in traversing desert terrain by… Read More

    Afghan Cameleers
  • John Aspinall

    Published 29th July 2015

    In February 1895, at the age of 21, John Aspinall set off from his home at Skippers Point on New Zealand’s South island, bound for far-distant Coolgardie. Before he boarded ship at Dunedin, he was warned ‘not to go on any account’. One old man ‘who h… Read More

    John Aspinall
  • USA Travel blogger Matt Logan

    Published 29th July 2015

    Tourism WA recently invited American travel blogger Matt Logan to visit the Goldfields of Western Australia. Mandi Warry, Manager of Goldfields Tourism Network, recently spent two days escorting Matt on the Golden Quest Discovery Trail from Coolgardie to Leonora. Read More

    Mat Logan
  • Mega Famil

    Published 29th July 2015

    Goldfields Tourism Network recently hosted over 60 travel agents and travel managers from across Germany and Austria on a four day visit to the Goldfields region of Western Australia.

    Sponsored by Tourism WA and Australia’s Golden Outback, our internation… Read More

    Mega Famil
  • Outback Parks and Lodges

    Published 29th July 2015

    Outback Parks and Lodges provide accommodation for tourists travelling through remote areas. Their Lodge and Park style accommodation complexes offer comfortable, clean, and affordable accommodations to suit a variety of traveller needs in the Goldfields Regio… Read More

    Leonora Caravan Park
  • Menzies Railway comes to town

    Published 29th July 2015

    The biggest day of celebration in the history of Menzies took place on 22 March 1898. A crowd of some 3,000 people had gathered for the official opening of the Kalgoorlie-Menzies railway. Two trains steamed into town within an hour of each other. The first was… Read More

    Menzies Railway Opening March 1898

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