Golden Quest Discovery Trail

Golden Quest Discovery Trail

Welcome to the Golden Quest Discovery Trail—this is a true self-drive adventure for those ready to experience the Outback and one of the world's most famous gold-producing regions.

Running from Coolgardie to Laverton, the trail winds through 25 interpretive sites recording the lively and fascinating history, flora and fauna of the landscape. You will journey through a number of key contemporary and historical mining towns, legendary country pubs, the fascinating Gwalia ghost town and visit Lake Ballard with its extraordinary Antony Gormley sculptures that rise from the remote salt lake.

Due to current mining activity by Poseidon Nickel, access to Site 14 - Windarra is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause visitors to the region.

This site contains a wealth of information which will be useful to you when planning your adventure. Please remember, the information contained within this site does not substitute the Golden Quest Discovery Trail Guide Book. Please purchase a copy of the Guide Book before attempting the Trail.

The trail features on Postcards WA

We are excited to bring you three episodes of Postcards WA, featuring our own Golden Quest Discovery Trail! This exclusive footage is available for you to view on this website, courtesy of Circling Shark Productions.

Join your host Teresa Spiniello in this comprehensive and exciting trip through the WA Goldfields and watch as the Golden Quest Discovery Trail comes to life! Take in the gorgeous bushland scenery and learn about some of the wonderful historic and cultural attractions along the trail.

View the Postcards WA footage now! You will need Flash Player to view the footage.

Some hints for using this website:

Golden Quest Mud Map

Explore the visitor services and attractions along the trail by making use of the Mud Map to the left. You will need to need to download the free Flash Player to use the interactive map. Click on the question mark in the top corner to display the Help Page.

A non-interactive full-page version of the mud map is also available.

Special Attractions

There are a number of exciting cultural events and attractions along the trail, such as the annual Mine Managers Gala Dinner, Antony Gormley's "Insiders" and the new Golden Quest Green Trail. Check back regularly or join our mailing list for updates!

Interactive WA Map & Tourism Connections

This page features a comprehensive map of Western Australia that you can interact with to view the Golden Quest Trail and surrounding area. From here you can also follow links through to interconnecting drive trails and tourist attractions.

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The CDs gave us an enriched insight into the drama of the lives of the participants. The maps ensured that we did not stray off the trail.

We can not make any recommendations for improvements in any future edition of the Guide Book as we found the current edition excellent.

Thank you for the wonderful experience.

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